Rhetorical Analyses pertaining to the 4 Readings

Gettysburg Address

Exigence: Dedication in the national soldier's cemetery

Market: Citizens with the U. S i9000., the union soldiers, state governors and party officials. Constraint: How short the speech was, going of topic, and those who did not acknowledge. Occasion: U. S. national cemetery in Gettysburg.

Intended to change: В The purpose was to talk about why people fought against for the nation; who have died in courage that in the end, there would be a region. Emancipation Declaration

Exigence: Emancipation of slaves

Market: Southern states, northern military, voters, and southern governments Constraint: Upper states judgment on anti-slavery, the time frame of the speech and how this individual gave the speech. Event: During the American Civil War.

Intended to transform: В To control rebellious southern states (by the slaves) and to bring them back into the Union. Conversation Delivered inside the Secession Tradition of Georgia

Exigence: Opposition of separation

Market: Citizens of Georgia

Constraint: Those who wanted the secession and others who are for captivity. Occasion: Moments of Georgia Detrimental War.

Designed to change: To think before they vote for the secession. A Declaration with the Causes which in turn Impact your Georgia to Secede in the Federal Union Exigence: Basis for secession of State of Georgia

Audience: The North, the earth, citizens of Georgia, and citizens in the South.

Constraint: Good the national traditions, the North (they oppose slavery), and the president which was Lincoln subsequently (he oppose for slavery). Occasion: The presidential selection.

Intended to change: В To separate from the Federal Union.


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