The text under consideration is" Art pertaining to heart's Sake” written by an American sculptor, cartoonist and writer, Reuben Lucius Goldberg. He worked a lot as a cartoonist and some of his cartoons became highly popular, between his finest works will be Is there Doctor in the house? (1929), Rede Goldberg's Guide to Europe(1954) and I Built my Understructure (1960). The story is about a well used sick gentleman, about Mr. Ellsworth. He is very capricious and every person are sick and tired of his behavior. Once his doctor decides to employ a promising musician who will train him piece of art. Mr. Ellsworth is bad in painting but among his picture is accepted for the Lathrop display and granted 1000$. And lastly this old guy says that Art is usually nothing and he provides bought the gallery in which he won this kind of prize. In line with the change with the number of participants the text can be dievided in 4 parts: The first is " Pineapple juice for Mr. Ellsworth”. When the male nurse Koppel persuades pineapple drink to Mr. Ellsworth, nevertheless he refuses to drink it. The second " Proposition intended for Mr. Ellsworth from his doctor”. With this part doctor Caswell concerns see Mr. Ellsworth and made him proposition to take up art. The third " Art lessons for Mr. Ellsworth from young and encouraging artist” This part regarding teaching Mister. Ellsworth sketching by Honest Swain- 18 years old appealing student. Your fourth " Initially Landscape prize for Mr. Ellsworth” When the Lathrop Gallery prized you, 000$ Mr. Ellsworth for his work of genius " Woods Dressed in White” The ambiance of the textual content is ironical and sometimes it can be humorous. By way of example when doctor Caswell explained with substantial effort: " Congratulations, Mister Ellsworth”. Right here we see just how Caswell explains to it with out sincerity. Author shows that anything is a joke or a perform for Mr. Ellsworth and also he reveals, that cash can perform everything and he is fun of it: if you have money you can do and receive everything you desire, for example prize of the Lathrop Gallery, maybe he don't have to money this individual just really wants to proof that he is God...


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