Many college students would consider a tradition club as a group of people where all the associates are the same competition and share a similar passion towards their very own culture. Though those are certainly not the only elements that are taken into consideration, there are more factors why people decide to kind culture golf equipment. Many tradition clubs may share precisely the same background and a common interest of a culture nevertheless each member can be diverse in various ways will not many things for community and also other communities as well. There are many loudspeakers who talked about information on career struggles inside the Filipino community and also reviewed immigration legal rights. One loudspeaker who spoke about the subject, " No Such Thing as a Filipino”, really affected me and stayed to my way of thinking. It was a controversial topic because the presenter portrayed there is no such thing being a Filipino because the Philippines possess so many dialects and are extremely diverse in their living circumstances. The loudspeaker also would not believe that the folks in The southern part of and Middle Philippines, Mindanao and Visayas, were considered as Filipinos because of their different ways of living and the backgrounds. During that topic, the speaker brought up the impact of colonialism inside the Philippines to the college students. The " No such thing as a Filipino" lecture raised an existential dilemma relevant to all once-colonized peoples. A great outsider colonized a country and named that country without the consent with the indigenous people. In a sense, the Philippines are carrying the infamous musical legacy of colonizers by keeping the name " Phillip” via a former The spanish language King, Ruler Philip II. This undermines the history of indigenous individuals that were there ahead of the term Philippine ever been around. It raises problem: " Who had been Filipinos prior to Spain, and should/can we reclaim that history? " Every person has their own viewpoint on this subject matter but it is an important topic to understand for the Filipino community. Other subject areas discussed were JFAV and the...


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