Response for Case Datril

1) What course of action ought to Datril consider?

It should solidify where it stands in the junk market and gain share in the growing acetaminophen industry. It should focus on both Tylenol Users and Aspirin Users. On one hand, it will explain to buyers that Datril's effect is definitely identical to Tylenol and use low-price promotion. Alternatively, it should power Bristal-Myers's brand to facilitate its industry penetration. Generally, it should give attention to advertisement and promotion.

2) What are the good qualities and cons of concentrating on Tylenol Users?

Advantages: Datril can be described as substitute of Tylenol, nevertheless compared to Tylenol, it's less costly. Besides, Tylenol almost regulates the market of acetaminophen and it regulates nearly the entire potentials customers for Datril. Cons: Tylenol dominated the acetaminophen industry for a long time. On one hand, many consumers have solid loyalty to Tylenol. On the other hand, since 2 weeks . new medicine, many people neither know it nor trust it, Datril has to fork out a lot of time and money in advertisements. Besides, their effect is identical to Tylenol, meaning in top quality it doesn't include any positive aspects over Tylenol. In this way, affordable becomes a big attraction for customers. But the low-price strategy means lower revenue per unit.

3) What are the pros and cons of targeting Aspirin Users?

Pros: Datril's effective factor is acetaminophen, which has the same function as Aspirin but fewer side effects. In contrast, acetaminophen analgesics raised the pain tolerance and decreased fever without needing the potent effect of acetylsalicylsaure, thus conference the demands of people who suffered from upset tummy. The data shows that acetaminophen's market almost increases while Aspirin's only boosts by 9%. It means more and more people prefer to employ acetaminophen. Targeting acetaminophen users apparently is an extremely promising action.

Cons: Datril, Bufferin and Excedrin most belong to Bristal-Myers. And Bufferin and...


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