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• Cost advantages help to conquer competition

• Loyal clients

• Good brand name, since it sells detrimental, military aircrafts to all around the world • Recycleables are considerable locally

• Low production cost middle in brazil

• The corporation has built a solid brand placement by establishing plants and maintenance centers in cina, Portugal, France and united states of america

• Good sales progress for company jets

• Well-built monetary growth

• The supply chain network shows the company a competitive edge • Highly trained employees

• The company has developed itself on the market through the supply sequence innovation containing reduced Ur & Deb costs and the difficulties involved in the development process and for that reason produce the best quality of products.


• The company does not have in the creation of knowledge and specialized suppliers • Keep in mind that have the targeted government plan to focus on L & Deb in order to bring the small tech suppliers in the aerospace market

• Embraer ‘s associations with the schools is also quite weak as compared to the wellcontrolled ties which can be observed between your companies and the university centered R& D centers in the usa and The european countries

• Fragile innovation composition

• Found in an growing market

• Low risikomanagement

• The organization has now shed its marketplace presence as a result of tough competition • Needs to generate further extension of products


• The business can handle all the tactical issues of depending on the worldwide suppliers�, low content of its products, too little of government support for R & Deb by performing corporate capability building by any means levels

• Entering into appearing markets simply by expansion

• Mergers or acquisitions

• Can leveraging their assets to win agreements

• New innovative tactics

• Entice new marketplaces to increase customer loyalty

• Needs to job further upon cost-design way

• Modifications in our regional aircraft in up coming 5 years can enhance sales growth • The company has to upgrade its international operations


• Variances in the exchange rates may be major menace to the organization

• Industry competition

• Decline in sales

• Merges and joint venture could be help in the time

economic crisis

• New marketplace entrants

• Experiencing a large number of challenges forward such as various orders

have already been cancelled or downsized plus the company faced with a

decline 10% since 2010


• More market segment

• Differential approaches


• Competition on the market

• Mergers & acquisition

• Changes in the regional aircraft in

up coming 5 years can improve sales



• Need for advancement

• Lack in extension of products




• New market entrants

• Variances in exchange prices

• Technology rapidly growing

4P's of Embraer:

 Products & providers

 Pricing

 Spots

 Promo


aeroplanes components, objective systems intended for air and ground procedure


Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante


Embraer/FMA CBA 123 Vector

Embraer Local Jet

 Embraer ERJ 135 (37 passengers)

 Embraer ERJ 140 (44 passengers)

 Embraer ERJ 145 (50 passengers)

Embraer E-Jet family

 Embraer 170 (80 passengers)

 Embraer 175 (88 passengers)

 Embraer 190 (110 passengers)

 Embraer 195 (122 passengers)

Kranich-airline (umgangssprachlich) City Line Embraer 195LR

Air Canada Express Embraer 175


• Embraer EMB 111 Bandeirulha, an exclusive version designed for maritime patrol, used by the Brazilian Air Force

• Embraer EMB 312 Tucano

• Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano

• AMX International AMX

• Embraer R-99

• Embraer 145 AEW& C

• Embraer 145 RS/AGS

• Embraer P-99

EMB-145 AEW& C of Hellenic Air Force

Embraer Phenom 100

Embraer Phenom 300

Embraer Musical legacy 450

Embraer Legacy 500

Embraer Legacy 600

Embraer Legacy 650

Embraer Lineage 1000