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 facebook can be handy acedemic application Essay

Nowadays, student like Facebook. They are going to online to update their very own information through Facebook continuously. Since technology is improving day by day, lecturer and college student communicate through Facebook. For example , a policy webpage is created which usually name ‘Diploma in Business College student Help CAT' and only Degree In Business of student will be invited to participate in thr group only. This site is for lecturer upload latest information or announcement or for pupil to ask question. Files just like assignment cover, PTPTN application form or the fresh time stand for pupil will be publish. People publish a lot of message regarding academic upon Facebook also. They posting info just like hottest problem in exam, way to analyze smart, research smart is better than study hard, way to make a good demonstration slide display and so on. We can find various kind of communication from Facebook and it is readily available. Besides, lecturer also prefer to upload records and article on Facebook or myspace. First, lecturer doesn't need to photocopy a good amount of notes and tutorial paper to college student. Second, pupil have chance to choose both read the notes through on-line or photocopy. Student could also read the be aware the day before class if notes can be upload to Facebook. Pupil can create a group chat with friend to discuss assignment or tutorial. This help student to perform without losing time and less difficult for them since they can go over anytime they desire although in the home. In between, Facebook or myspace is allow to publish photo, which can make student even more understanding.

Since the result demonstrate, Facebook is known as a useful academic tool if perhaps student use in proper way.