Family Life Program Development

Concentrate & Scope Assumptions

These are the presumptions that provide the building blocks for Family Lifestyle Course Creation Theory.

1 ) Developmental techniques are unavoidable and significant in understanding people.

- Individual family members, Conversation between members of the family, Structure of family, as well as the norms creating expectations regarding family tasks all transform over time. These types of changing jobs and expectations for different stages of family members are considered as essential to a knowledge of the relatives.

2 . The family group is impacted by all the amounts of analysis.

Interpersonal system (Institutional norms and conventions regarding the family) e. g. legal expectations like child abuse laws

Aggregate Clusters (Families and norms organized by class and ethnicity) Social group - Family

Sub-group - Relationships (e. g. Partner -Wife, Littermates, etc . )


These general interpersonal norms stand for the level of analysis of the family as a cultural institution. This kind of institutional level of analysis is mostly the one we refer to when we talk about " The Family” and is the extent on which we often conduct cross-cultural comparisons (the U. S i9000. family compared with the Japanese family).

several. Time is Multi-Dimensional

Periodicity - The same interval of time between each event around the clock. (e. g. treasure movements of the wrist watch‘s gears)

Yet , our connection with time just might be not as regimented as periodicity would business lead us to think.

Interpersonal Process Time- Family and personal experiences are being used as a separate way to divide up period. (e. g. " Once we first married” or " Before your sister was born”)

Cultural norms happen to be tied more closely to this social process dimension of your time than to calendar or wristwatch time.

Subsequently, for Family Life Training course Development Theory, the friends and family process dimensions of time is important to understanding and...


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