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1 . The U. S. economic climate is composed of (1) policy makers (2) a monetary program (3) banks and (4) financial market segments. Indicate which in turn of these elements is linked to each of the following roles: A. Accumulate and lend/invest personal savings (3)

B. Create and transfer funds (2)

C. Pass laws and set money and economic policies (1)

D. Marketplace and aid transfer of economic assets (4)

2 . Financial markets may be grouped as (1) debt investments markets, (2) equity investments markets (3) derivative securities markets and (4) forex trading markets. Show in which of those markets the following securities operate: A. Non commercial mortgages (1)

B. Business bonds (3)

C. Corporate stocks (2)

D. Currencies (4)

3. Running a business ethical dilemnas or conditions occur frequently. Laws and regulations can be found to determine what underhanded behavior is. Nevertheless the practicing of top quality ethical patterns often goes beyond just conference laws and regulations. Indicate how you will respond to the next situations.

a. The boss had just told you that tomorrow the Federal Drug Administration will announce its approval of the firm's marketing of a new breakthrough medicine. As a result of this information you are considering purchasing shares of stock inside your firm this afternoon. What do you do? I might not order stock since it is unethical to visit from an inside the company. This will likely be an edge to in search of personal gain through the incorrect of not public information or perhaps abusing my position inside the company and really should be buy only after it is know to the open public. This is known as insider trading. This is an immediate potential breach of federal securities laws.

n. In the past your firm has been around compliance with regulatory specifications relating to item safety. However you have heard throughout the company grapevine that lately some of your firm's items have...


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