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Howard Becker

SOC 101: Summary of Sociology

Teacher Smith

Mar 4, 2012

Howard S. Becker

Howard Becker was a famous American sociologist. He made several input in the domains of jobs, education, deviance and artwork and made a lot of studies in those domains. He specifically made a number of studies in neuro-scientific social deviance and careers. Most of research went into the interactions between criminal people and everyone. Many of these research included the criminal minds of these people, relationship between them and regular society, and exactly how society viewed them.

Howard Saul Becker was born about April 18, 1928 in Chicago, Illinois (Bernard, 2012). He researched sociology with the University of Chicago and he was hooked eventually having his Ph level. D. in it too and then utilized his knowledge to teach foreseeable future sociologists and his research, which were funded by Northwestern University. Whilst teaching and working at the university he also posted several catalogs but his most famous was Outsiders: Research in the Sociology of Deviance, which was printed in 1963. He likewise wrote a number of other books that helped develop the sociology field a lot more which included Composing for Sociable Scientists in 1986 and Tricks of the Trade in 1998 (Bernard, 2012). He could be now at the moment retired in California and continues to write articles intended for the discipline of sociology.

Becker did many experiments with the criminal brains where he observed their habit calling this deviance. He views deviance as the " creation of interpersonal groups rather than the quality of a few act or perhaps behavior and criticizes other theories of deviance intended for accepting the existence of deviance through doing so, recognize the principles of the the greater part within the sociable group through studying the act individuals is trivial because deviance is simply secret breaking behavior that is marked deviant simply by persons in positions of power (Becker, 1963). ” What Becker means is the fact people are deviant or...

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