Emotional Disorder Analysis


Mar 20, 2011

Psychological Disorder Analysis

Marla is a 42-year-old Hispanic feminine who concerns the mental health medical clinic complaining of getting trouble sleeping, sense " jumpy all of the time, " and suffering from an lack of ability to completely focus. These symptoms are leading to problems on her at work, in which she is an accountant (Axia College). In order to decide Marla state a specialized medical interview should be conducted so more information when it comes to Marla's earlier life and present lifestyle can be obtained.

Scientific Interview:

Specialist: " Hello there Marla what brings you to my business office today? ” Marla: " I i am not sure I realize there is something incorrect with me yet I miss what or why? I just know that I actually am having problems sleeping, I feel jumpy all the time, and I i am even having difficulty doing my own things at the job. I have under no circumstances been the kind to not surface finish something or to just give up I i am really confused. ” Clinician: " What do you expect to obtain in this remedy? ” Marla: " To become completely honest what I am really trying to find is control. I want charge of my life once again. I want to always be Marla. ” Clinician: " Ok Marla that is that which we are going to complete but in so that it will do so I am going to need you to end up being completely honest with me and not hold back on anything whether it be good thoughts or not really. ” Clinician: " Discussing begin how was your house environment developing up? ” Marla: " It was fine I guess you already know a normal your life just like all others. ” Clinician: " Do you feel like there was clearly a good relationship between you and your mother and father? ” Marla: " My father worked a whole lot so having been always away on business trips. So my Mom and I were alone most of the time. She missed my father I recall her staying sad a whole lot because he was gone. My mother had a beautiful tone but some day she merely stopped vocal. ” Clinician: " How is the relationship with your parents today? ” Marla: " My spouse and i don't see them much maybe only on Getaways. My mom seems detached to the globe...

References: Alimentarte, R. T. (2005). Fundamentals of unnatural psychology (4th ed. ). New York: Well worth.





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