At the beginning of thinking for this paper, I was considering to write something special in Chinese pension system. Yet during the material collection, I discovered that China's pension program and methods to achieve householder's financial goals are not well developed, we all know the fact that system obviously had to be improved. Starting in 1997, there were a move of the burden of pension procedures from the particular state to be shared simply by state, employers and employees. There was the move by PAYGO auto financing to a mixture of PAYGO and funded systems. Last but not least, it had been expanded to include all metropolitan workers. Furthermore, China's economic market is an emerging industry, it is even now not ideal for China people to select financial tools to design their very own financial plans. Meanwhile, we need time for the industry and the program to be improved. Therefore , I tried to discover some maximum ways that can help Chinese visitors to achieve economic goals and i also have located a theory called " life circuit financial planning”, which is building the monetary plan simply by different important factors in your lifetime. I hope it can be useful to Chinese people to realize the important of existence planning, and both non-public sectors and public sectors can add on new methods based on this theory. From the pursuing, I will introduce what is existence cycle economical planning and the main elements in that. What is economical planning?

Economical needs continuously change through an individual's life-time. However , many people are still pursuing similar financial patterns throughout their life. Nevertheless, everyone has an individualized economic plan that may be dependent on a number of factors in an individual's existence. Financial organizing is a application used to obtain financial accomplishment based upon the expansion and implementation of financial goals. It is important to work with financial going to help a person steer clear of financial issues. By having well crafted financial goals and employing them into a financial program, a person will have the means to attain the standard of living they desire. An individual's beliefs, goals, personal choices, major life occasions, lifestyle circumstances, and your life cycle demands work together to determine the details of could be financial plan. As these factors change, thus does could be financial prepare. Financial organizing is a continuous process that is certainly affected by anticipated as well as unpredicted events. Elements that influencing financial preparing:

1) Economical goals

Supply: Family Economics & Financial Education, Revised May 2010, Personal Finance Unit, Lifestyle Cycle of Financial Planning, Page 2 Financial goals will be specific aims to be achieved through financial planning. Goals should be consistent with personal principles and behaviour. Financial goals should be WISE goals. 2) Lifestyle circumstances

Lifestyle circumstances are affected by an individual's values, desired goals, personal choices, major your life events, and life routine needs. Any kind of lifestyle state changes might require an individual to re-evaluate their very own financial plan. People might change careers, start off careers, or start families late in life. For example , an individual 40 year-old with no kids will be centering on different economical plans than the usual married 45 year-old with 2 children. 3) Life Cycle Needs

Financial needs change during an individual's existence cycle. Certain life cycle needs are influenced by an individual's principles, goals, personal choices, life events, and lifestyle circumstances. However , persons in certain age groups tend to have related life circuit needs. The table listed below gives types of life circuit needs (activities and events) which might require financial planning for different age groups. The subsequent table displays different needs of Chinese language people in various life occasions. (Red portion are demands that I believe we should include but we all did not recognized ones) High school graduation: Ages 13-17

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