п»їPractical a few

________________________________________________________________________ To find the force regular of a spring


To study the application of Hooke's Law.

To study the forces in balance.

To study the resolution of vector quantities.

Apparatus and Materials:

1 . Spring

2 . Plumb-line

3. Protractor

4. Slotted masses 100g with hanger

5. Line

6. Retort stand

several. Nail or perhaps pin


1 . Build the device as shown in Determine 4-1 beneath.

2 . Adapt the planting season, so that it exercises horizontally.

3. The angle between the plumb-line and the section AB can be Оё. some. The mass of the fill is meters, its weight is usually mg.

Determine 4-1



g = 9. 80 ms-2

m = mass in the load

Оё sama dengan angle between your plumb-line as well as the section ABDOMINAL

x = extension in the spring

k = force continuous of the planting season

l = worked out length of the planting season

lo = unstretched length of the spring

If the system is in equilibrium, the forces operating at the point B happen to be in sense of balance


magnesium = To cos θ…………. (1)


kx sama dengan T trouble θ…………... (2)


kx sama dengan mg tan Оё

A graph of x against tan Оё will yield a straight collection.

The lean is comparable to.


1 ) Measure the unstretched length, lo of the planting season before establishing the equipment. 2 . Modify the planting season, so that it stretches horizontally.

several. Measure the viewpoint Оё involving the plumb-line and the section ABS. 4. Gauge the new duration, l of the spring.

5. Calculate recognized, x from the spring. [where times = m – lo] 6. Pull the spring area way to vary the length m to obtain 8-10 (8) models of beliefs of θ and by. Note: before taking the value of the angle θ, make sure that the spring is horizontal. several. Tabulate: back button, θ, suntan θ.

8. Determine the gradient from the graph.

being unfaithful. Determine the force frequent, k with the spring.


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