Betty Smith

Mrs. Moore

Pre AP British

8 March 2013

What is a friend? I ask myself that all day. To me, a friend is usually someone who never let you down, who always there to suit your needs matter just how bad or good the problem is, who also always have your back, never turn on you, never claim or do harsh things to you, a pal is a FRIEND. Where could I find this " friend”? I thought I had one nevertheless I guess not really. I guess I was too much caught up on my so-called friends' well friend. The day I achieved Elizabeth Taylor was the day time I thought I had fashioned a reliable friend. I had been dumbfounded by simply her natural beauty and her smartness. She was therefore sweet; your woman had the most amazing brown, silky hair that smelled just like sweet bananas when the wind flow blew this. She was riding her cherry reddish colored 1950 collapsible, listening to James Dean using Cherry Blossom Road, when she almost struck myself with her car, " Oh my own god, Now i'm so apologies, are you okay? ” your woman said with her lavender eyes, lit up with adrenalin, " Now i'm okay” I actually chuckled, but inside my mind I was screaming " Are you crazy, you almost killed me, certainly I'm not really okay! ”, but learning me We let my best be able to me. " I'm so sorry, am i able to buy you a soda pop or anything? ” the girl assist, " Sure, I don't mind” I said. So she help in her, as I sat generally there, I examine everything, in case she tried to kill me personally or nearly anything; when she open the door to enter the car, it was like an angel was in the car, she was so perfect, she got the perfect anything almost. When she began her car, her car made a weird sound, I thought it had been about to tenderize before we even proceeded to go anywhere. Your woman had asked me " What sort of music will you listen to? ” I told her " Adam Dean! ” in my weird exciting voice, " Also my our god, me also, so you wouldn't mind all of us listen to him then? ” she explained " No I wouldn't” I stated, " Great! ” the girl said also so cheery. While we're riding We notice the wind was her best friend, it blew her hair and so perfectly and magical, when me however looking like a homeless tattered dog, I believed to myself " I actually bet you have all the boys? ”, being unsure of I was speaking out loud, " What?? ” she explained, " Nothing just me thinking out loud " We told her, " Oh okay”. As we pull up to Harry's Shoot Take, which was a joint wherever all the awesome kids go out just to have a great time, " The reason we are here? ” I asked, " To get your soft drinks silly duh, why otherwise would we all be here” she chuckled. Before we have out the car, she move from her high heels to her saddle shoes, she then simply grabs red big puffy thing via her rearseat, which come to be a dog skirt, that had the cute little poodles on the bottom of them, she after that put that on over her fixed skirt she had upon, it was like she was transforming very little or something, she after that turned and looked at me personally and said " Are you ready? ” with a big smile on her confront, I then told her " Yes I'm ready”. As we were walking to your local store, I see she had this fairly sweet smell that followed her as your woman walked, your woman smelled like fluffy silk cotton candy, even as we sat down in the booth, she in that case called a young man named Ashton over, " Hey Sophie! ” this individual said, " Hey Johnny, do you mind playing my own song within the jukebox for me personally? ” your woman asked, " Sure Sophie, anything for you” this individual said with a big smile on his deal with, it was like he was her dog and she was your owner, nearly anything she says this individual does, it absolutely was awkward. " Thanks Ashton! ” your woman said using a grin onto her face. " Isn't he just the sweetest thing ever” she asked, " Sure, sure this individual is” I actually said, like I really didn't care. " I'm therefore stupid, I don't also know the name” the girl said, " My name is At the Taylor, yet Liz to get short is good. ” My spouse and i told her, " Well as you heard i am Sophie, really really Sophie Jean Donaldson but everyone calls myself Sophie pertaining to short. ” She explained, " Pleased to meet you Sophie” I actually said with a grin. After that she heard her tune, it was a similar song your woman was playing in her car, " You must really love this song” I asked, although she failed to hear me personally, she was in her individual world. She looked and so peaceful at the time, it was just like she was fill with life, well actually your woman was...


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