п»ї 12. 05. 2012 Exclusive Life in Social Networking Sites

Online communities can be defined as a web based platform wherever people create their own single profiles, share these the public, and communicate with others on the Net. The raising popularity of these websites affects our lives in many elements and the most critical one is the privacy concern. It can easily be observed that social networking sites are a real menace for the user's personal privacy. To start with, there are some risks arising from secureness vulnerability about social networking sites. Generally, users offer a lot of personal data to become a part of these sites and it is easy to access these details for cyber criminals and identity thieves. For example identity robbers who can gain extremely private information including birth name and particular date, addresses, contact numbers and relationship status on social networking sites may verify themselves as being the account owner. Therefore , they can gain access to the users' credit card quantity and take their money conveniently. Moreover, identity thieves trigger not only decrease of money although also loss of personal respect and very good name. Useful to them the information to communicate with users' other good friends in order to obtain their info too. Rebecca Sweeny (2011) summarizes that users' lack of knowledge of writing information will help hackers and identity robbers to steal their money and destruction good names. (as offered in Acquisti& Gross, 2006) The second risk arising from protection vulnerabilities is usually marketing companies' accessibility to users' information with no permission. For example, spamming you with unrequested advertising material can be annoying in most cases. Furthermore, the companies sometimes obtain personal information and pass on them with other companies and people in order to make advertising more effective....

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