Finding Solace

PICTURE #1: Slide

The very first track, " Creep” by Radiohead was selected by our group to begin the playlist because we all thought this song may broadly present Holden Caulfield's character. The most important part about this song may be the lyrics. This song is approximately a person who does not feel like he could be very exceptional, and that he would not fit in anywhere. " Nevertheless I'm a creep. Now i am a weirdo. ” Although Holden never truly talks about just how he considers of himself, he regards himself lowly when he talks about Phoebe or perhaps Allie. This individual respect these people because they're what he thinks are excellent kids. As a result of past experience, and Holden's distant persona, people think he's odd. Holden attempts not to allow that arrive at him, yet deep straight down, he understands it as well. He knows that he can vary from the other folks, and the way he think contrasts most of the same age group. " The actual hell am I doing in this article? I avoid belong right here. ” This part of the words of the tune shows just how Holden doesn't feel like he fits in anywhere. He has been to more than five several schools—all in which he couldn't look for a single spot to fit in to. In his opinion, he isn't accepted anywhere, but this individual doesn't conveniently accept other folks, either. This is for Holden's loneliness, because he has changed his surroundings (his school) so many times, he's always away from his family members, and he won't be able to open up to anyone. The soft appears of the any guitar show these kinds of little concerns and various insecurities hidden inside Holden's head. " Creep” is the 1st song picked in our playlist as a way to demonstrate internal thoughts of Holden, and the actual story is about: Holden trying to find a fitted place as he wanders Nyc, and the complicated thoughts of any teenager, not an adult, although not a child any more.

SCENE #2: Thinkin' About You

The song isn't the initial version, although a remix. The beginning area of the song is known as a mash of two regions of the songs together to symbolize the mix of feelings this individual has. Holden thinks about Her Gallagher and can't quit thinking about her, he starts to lose his mind somewhat, explaining the lyrics, and the mixture of the music cause it's unclear of what this individual feels and how its described in the book. A tornado in his room clarifies his use of space and his messiness. He feels all around us and out of place. Southern California is introduced where Hollywood is usually, relating to exactly where Holden's close friend lived. Holden didn't weep or shed a rip about Her going on a particular date with Stradlater but it would bother him. Jane passes across Holden's mind repeatedly again and again throughout the boo, and he wants to call her but never gets a your hands on her. His continuous awareness of Her is pictured clearly in the book.

SCENE #3: I'll Help you Again

Holden Caulfield discusses his deceased brother, Allie, often over the novel. " I'll Help you Again" simply by Westlife fits well for the sadness that Holden feels for Allie's death. Allie is Holden's one of the favorite people. Holden respects Allie and he admits that that Allie is terrifically intelligent and nice. It truly is clear that Holden yearns for Allie. On page 171 from the novel, Holden says to Phoebe, " I like Allie.... Just because a persons dead, you don't just quit liking them, for God's sake-especially if they were with regards to a thousand times nicer than the people you already know that're surviving and all. " This music describes just how it is want to lose someone. Lyrics of this song, just like, " You are gone at this point, gone but not forgotten. " and " You never really left, I find myself you walk beside me. " talks about Holden's emotions very well. �

SCENE #4: Mendelssohn Line Quartet in F slight Op. 70

This music explains Holden's anger after Allie's fatality. On the night Allie dies, Holden breaks all the home windows in the garage area and sleeps in the garage. He says that he nearly got psychoanalyzed and his hands were damaged. As the melody goes thru the crescendo, it is depicting Holden's bear and shock that Allie has passed away--leading to him hitting the windows in the storage area violently. Holden is...


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