This I Believe Presentation Outline

– Spring 2015


1 . Attention Driver and Relate to Audience: I think in the tapping of cleats, the thud of a basketball, the split of a baseball, and the rate of growth of a starting pistol. In my opinion in the roar of the masses, and the stop of a pre-game prayer. In my opinion in brotherhood, leadership, and excellence. 2 . Establish Credibility: As a child I actually spent my personal weekends and summers visiting wrestling, golf ball, and football tournaments. As I grew older plus the time obligations grew larger, I put in my mornings before college lifting and my afternoons at practice. What seemed like every day of my senior high school athletic profession I was planning to better myself to become the very best athlete which i could be. several. Thesis Assertion: Athletics possess taught myself many beneficial life lessons and thus, I really believe in the power of sports. 4. Preview of Main Points: Although sports have taught me multiple life lessons, this morning I will be discussing three specific areas: teamwork, leadership, and determination.

Transition: Devoid of teamwork there is absolutely no team, as we have been informed a million moments before, you cannot find any I in team.

Body system of Talk:

1 . Team-work

a. Coming together to achieve the same goal

we. As a working back you are unable to gain meters without an attacking line. You can't make a play at home plate with out a catcher, therefore you can't capture a basketball without a quarterback. Playing a sport teaches you how to act as a one natural unit to achieve your ultimate goal. 2. Whenever we lost a game, one of many contributing elements was the reality we would not play collectively as one. iii. Outside of sports activities, for example , doctors in the operating room require their team of nurses to come together as one to make certain their surgical procedure is successful. iv. CEOs need their supervision, accounting, and marketing teams to work and build off one another to operate a successful organization. b. Support

i. As a team, you always experienced someone right now there to...


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