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 Essay on Toyota Corolla

Promoting final job

Marketing Plan:

2014 Toyota Corolla

Advertising final project

Marketing Prepare

Introduction: The Toyota Corolla

Toyota is definitely the world's initially automobile maker to produce much more than 10 mil vehicles annually

The Toyota Corolla is actually a line of subcompact and compact automobiles, introduced in 1966, has been one of the best-selling cars on the globe since then. Toyota sold 45 million Corollas in Come july 1st 2013

Business Analysis

Toyota's goals to get Corolla

Gain customers through provisions of high-valued products and services, and the the majority of satisfying connection with ownership in the usa.

Improve energy efficiency and designs.

Competitors Examination

Competitors of Corolla are Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Civic,

Ford Focus.

Honda Civic's product sales from 2010 to 2013 were 260, 218,

221, 235, 317, 909, 336, 180, in 2014, offered 277, 584 in eight


From 2010 to 2013, the sales of

Corolla had been 266. 082, 270. 259,

290. 947, 302. one hundred and eighty. And in 2014, the

Corolla has been offered 283, 764

Base selling price

Corolla: $ 16, 800 Civic: money 18, 490

Customer Examination

Fun-loving, particularly for the age by 18 to 39,

adults and school graduates

With an annual income for the segment among

$25, 000 and $60, 000

Interested in the low-cost and energy efficiency

, love fashional design and pre-loaded with hightech designs


Employing demographical to segment, in respect to

income and motivation to pay out

Upper Class, Midsection Class and Lower Category

SWOT Research


one particular гЂЃ One of the best-selling automobiles

with comparative lower price

2 гЂЃ A great all-new style and more

modern technology elements

3 гЂЃ Twelve models of Corolla

with different constructions and

eight colors


1 гЂЃ Projected regarding compact


2 гЂЃ Focused on customers


several гЂЃ Founded more organization

cooperation companions


one particular гЂЃ History of recalls

two гЂЃ Elevated technology and design,

but they have to keep low price


one particular гЂЃ Extreme competition in the

auto market

2 гЂЃ Close competitors in the

same market present similar

down and cost.

Target Market

1 гЂЃ Comparative lower income, favor efficient cars.

2 гЂЃ People who like fashion design and high-tech features

3 гЂЃ More girl customers гЂ‚


A multi-dimensional motor vehicle in the minds of consumers


To reinvent the Corolla, enter a new viewers,

build relations with the clients and continue to be