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 Why Does George Kill Lennie? Essay

Why does George kill Lennie?

George is known as a man of morals so when Lennie slain Curley's better half, he broke the biggest meaningful law which in turn forced him to kill Lennie: ”You hadda, George” Slim explains to George that shooting Lennie was morally the right move to make and that he will need to feel honored, because he performed the right point. But George still feels bad by what he has done, because Lennie was his best friend plus the only way to achieve the desire and Lennie gave George a special feeling in life. Lennie was the simply thing protecting against George from entering the dark encolure of loneliness; he was his life long friend.

George likewise kills Lennie, because he wants to prevent Lennie from struggling a long and painful death: ” Blast ‘im inside the guts” Curley wants to ensure that Lennie endures a long and painful fatality for eradicating his partner, but George kills him before Curley can do it and it interesting how Curley reacts when hears about his wife's death; he doesn't worry about her, all he cares about is getting rid of Lennie and having revenge. It can be basically a mercy getting rid of as Lennie would possibly have been killed by Curley in a painful and torturous way or perhaps locked up in a ‘booby hatch' over a leash such as a dog; it absolutely was a more gentle punishment. It can be interesting how he eliminates Lennie, because he kills Lennie in precisely the same way because Carlson killed Candy's puppy and over the novel Lennie is described as an animal several times.

George likewise kills Lennie, because he remembers what Candies said about taking responsibility to take his dog and George thinks that if anyone ought to kill Lennie, it should be him, because Lennie was his friend and he doesn't want Curley to destroy him in a horrible approach just for revenge. Curley clearly doesn't need to get rid of Lennie to get justice. George killing Lennie meant that he died in dignity and respect.

George killing Lennie is a significance of eradicating their think of owning a farm and having rabbits while George slain Lennie when he was explaining the wish,...